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Disable Clip Tray

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Minimum Android Version: 2.2 (Froyo)

Simple app that allows you to enable or disable the Clip Tray feature found on many LG Android phones.

LG's Clip Tray feature allows users to save multiple items to their phone's clipboard. Unfortunately, password managers like LastPass automatically copy passwords to the clipboard to allow filling in credentials in other apps. When these passwords are copied, they are stored in plaintext in the Clip Tray list where they can be seen by any other users. This program allows you to easily enable or disable the Clip Tray feature using one of two methods:

Users have reported that Option A can break the ability to take screenshots; if this happens, try Option B instead.

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Disable Clip Tray

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DisableClipTray-source.zip (584.4 KB)

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