NG Portal Advance

Newgrounds Forum Thread:

To use NG Portal Advance, drag this link onto your browser's toolbar: NG Portal Advance (or just right-click it and select Bookmark This Link / Add to Favorites, although I suggest moving the bookmark to a toolbar). If you get any notice about adding a favorite that might not be safe, click the "Yes" button.

To use this little doohickey, go into the Portal and select the last Under Judgement movie. Click the NG Portal Advance button/bookmark you created, and you'll be moved to the next movie. Odds are that movie won't exist yet, and you'll get a "Portal Error". Have no fear, though; if you click NG Portal Advance again, it'll simply reload the page each time you click until a movie appears. Watch the movie, click your vote, and click NG Portal Advance to return to the movie's page. Then click NG Portal Advance again, and it'll move on to the next movie!

Spiffy, huh? Trust me, this can make UJ voting soooo much faster. I've written the JavaScript so that it only runs on a Portal page, so if you accidentally click it on another page, it won't do anything. If you have any questions, post them in my Newgrounds forum thread!


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